How to Organize Your Garage

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In the cooler winter months, you may not be motivated to tackle home improvement projects. It’s too chilly for repairing the back porch lights or repainting the front door. Because you’re indoors more frequently in the winter, it makes sense to take care of the inside of your home. Organize your garage this season to create a tidy space you can use all year.

Set aside a weekend to get your garage in great shape. If you enlist the help of family members or friends, it will take even less time.

Begin by Gathering Supplies

When you are working on an organization project, you’ll want to have supplies on hand to make things go smoothly and quickly. Before you begin, gather trash bags, cleaning supplies, boxes, storage bins, shelving, and other storage options.

Declutter to Organize Your Garage

Don’t waste time organizing things you don’t need or want. Begin your project by decluttering your garage. Label boxes for things you want to donate, throw away, or repair. As you work to declutter the space, take out any trash and put all items to be donated in your car so you’ll remember to drop them off. If there is anything you don’t want that is valuable, you may choose to sell it online.

Organize and Store

Group like items together to organize them easily. Store sports equipment in the same area, keep garden tools together, and make a space for car maintenance supplies. When you’re working to organize your garage, plan space for each group of items that you’ll store.

Put Things Away to Organize Your Garage

Whether you use shelving, bins, or overhead storage, create a system that works for your space. Store things that are not often used, like holiday decorations, on higher shelves or in the overhead bins. Things that you use more frequently should be easy to access.

Make Use of the Space

Plan a storage system that works well for your garage. Do you park your car in the garage? If so, find useful ways to use the walls and overhead space. If the garage doubles as a workshop, hang tools on the walls to make them accessible. Use pegboard on the walls and shelving with labeled plastic bins to increase the amount of storage in your garage.

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