Pool Inspection Services

Pool Inspection Services

Atlanta Commercial/Residential Inspector

The inspector examines the operational condition of the pool, condition of the liner, examination of the wall and floor surfaces, permanent accessories, water circulation pumps, vacuum/cleaning pumps, heaters, verifies the electrical outlets and lighting are on ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) and electric lights are secure. Also checks overflow skimmers and drains for proper functioning, ensures pool chemicals are stored in a locked area and that rescue equipment is present, and steps or ladders are placed on both sides of the pool. Inspectors check the water level to ensure it is within inches of rim to allow easier climb out, check that pool depths are clearly marked outside the pool and note whether there is a safe diving depth of 8 feet or more if diving boards are present. The inspector uses these questions to continue the pool inspection for safety measures: Is the pool fenced and does the gate have a self-closing latch and lock? Can the fence be climbed using items stored against the fence? Can young children easily reach and operate the gate latch? In addition, the inspector looks for obvious protrusions in pool design that could injure swimmers and for obstructions (walls or shrubs) that prevent a full view of the pool from the house. Finally, they check that the surface around the pool encourages water to drain away from the pool, rather than into it.

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