How to Sell a House

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You’ve decided to sell your house, and now you’re wondering how to navigate the process. Here is everything you need to know about how to sell a house. 

How to Sell a House With a Real Estate Agent

Find a professional realtor who knows your area. Select a few agents and interview each one to make the best decision. Choose a realtor with years of experience who you trust and get along with.

While it’s possible to sell a home on your own, it’s always easier with a real estate agent. An agent offers expertise with marketing your home, negotiating with the seller, and closing the deal. 

Pre-Listing Inspection

Don’t wait for the buyer to initiate the inspection process once you have an offer on the table. Have an inspection completed before putting your home on the market to better prepare it for potential buyers. Doing so comes with several benefits: 

The first benefit to a pre-listing home inspection is that buyers trust sellers who have and share the inspection report. The other main benefit is that you can make decisions about which repairs you’ll make before listing the home. You will have time to do some DIY projects and also select the contractor of your choice for the larger repairs. If you wait for the buyer’s inspection, you’ll likely pay more for repairs because you’ll be in a hurry.

A pre-listing inspection will help you price the home accurately and you’ll avoid lengthy negotiations about surprise issues. When you know how to sell a house, the process can be streamlined and simple.

How to Sell a House: Price Your Home Appropriately

Pricing a home has an impact on the success of the sale. Have your realtor run comparisons of other homes that are on the market and have recently sold. It is a mistake to list your home too high or too low. Overpricing the house will cause it to sit on the market, and a list price that’s too low will limit your profits.

Stage the House

After you have made repairs, stage the home so it’s ready for potential buyers to tour. Give it a deep cleaning and apply a fresh coat of paint to the kitchen and bathrooms. Bring in a professional carpet cleaner. Get rid of all clutter to make the home feel open and inviting. Improve the curb appeal. Your realtor can give you advice about staging the home, or you can hire a professional staging company. 

Negotiate and Close

Let your realtor guide you through negotiations. Once the buyer has had their inspection, they may request repairs or a price adjustment. This is less likely to happen if you had a pre-listing inspection first. 

These are the steps for how to sell a house successfully. Follow these tips for a better real estate transaction. 

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