4 Ideas for Home Improvement Projects While Social Distancing

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People across the country are stuck at home due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Take advantage of the downtime and knock out some chores and projects around the house. Many home improvement stores are deemed essential businesses and are still open. You can also order supplies online and have them delivered straight to your front door. Here are four ideas for home improvement projects while social distancing that will keep you busy.

Home Improvement Projects While Social Distancing to Increase Storage

If you have been stocking up on groceries and other supplies, your closets and pantry are probably getting full. Now is an excellent time to pull everything out, take inventory of what you have, and reorganize the space with extra shelves.

One easy way to add more space is to purchase ready-made tiered shelves. These sit on existing shelves, so you can put canned goods on the original shelf and on the new metal one. This is a quick and easy way to maximize your existing shelving.

If you want to make a completely new configuration, you will need some 2×2 strips and boards, screws or nails, and a level. Mark a level line at the location you want to place a new shelf and cut a 2×2 strip to fit it. Do not make the shelf over 4 feet long unless you use brackets to support it. Adding more shelves to your pantry will help you organize your inventory.

Paint an Accent Wall

When looking for home improvement projects while social distancing, choose ones that will bring life to the interior of your home. Painting one wall with a contrasting color adds dimension to the room. Find complementary colors by looking at a color wheel.

Landscape and Yard Care

Choose some home improvement projects while social distancing that double as exercise. When you work in the yard, you get the benefit of fresh air, movement, and better curb appeal. Keep your grass green by raking it to remove dead grass and leaves from the winter. Fill in dead spots by loosening the soil, spreading grass seed, and then watering.

Trim any hedges or shrubs away from the house. Branches that rub on the siding or roof can damage the home’s exterior. Plant flowers and shrubs in flower beds, and spread mulch to help them retain moisture.

Safety Home Improvement Projects While Social Distancing

To make sure that your home and property remain secure, inspect all the locks in your home. Open windows that have been closed all winter long. Not only will this allow you to get some fresh air circulating inside, but you can also check to make sure the locks still work. For added security, place dowels in the interior tracks of windows and sliding glass doors.

Test all exterior door locks, and do not forget about sliding glass doors, garage doors, and any outbuildings. Spray some lock-safe lubricant in any sticky locks. Once sprayed, turn the key in it several times to spread the lubricant through the inner workings. Although this project doesn’t necessarily add value, it will give you peace of mind that you’re secure in your home.

While safely social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak, make good use of your time spent at home. Working on your home is a fulfilling way to stay productive.

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