January 2016

Author: Inspection Wizards |

Hi, my name is Nikki and I am an first time home buyer. I knew that I would need to get an inspection when it was time to purchase. I didn't have an inspector in mind at the time (Nov 2015). So, I decided to browse on Home Advisor website to look for qualified inspector's in my area. I read several reviews for several inspectors, but one review caught my eye. A lady stated how her inspector was very thorough and addressed all her questions. She was very detailed with her experience. So, I called him up and got a good vibe over the phone. Every question I asked he answered truthfully and even sent an email with his credentials including certificates which was a plus. William has inspected two houses for me. I am currently under contract with the second house which was inspected on 1/26/16 in Lithonia, GA. I received my report the next day, all 88 pages. Because his report is so detailed when I present the major issues to the seller I am hoping that the seller will fix everything or reduce the selling price. I am a 31 year old single female that will recommend William to anyone. Both my parents and realtors was at my inspection and he broke everything down in an simple way. I am so thankful that I put my trust in his company. I hope the next person that reads my story understands when I say William is the ish!!! If you don't get him you will be missing out on the best inspection of your life. My realtor was so impress she stated to me that she will recommend him to all of her clients. I will definitely use him in the future. I am soooo happy I found Inspection Wizards. William is the best!!! I wish everyone the best on their home buying journey, Nikki